Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Winter Break | What to do?

In this competitive 972 Area Code - baseball is a year round sport - so there is only a short break that comes around for players. One of the breaks coming up is the Winter break. So...what do you do during the Winter break.

It has been said, "Your arm only has a certain number of throws in it." With young arms and bodies growing - it is during these breaks that you want to give your arm a rest. Playing baseball all year round and throwing all year round - puts a lot of throws in your arm and overuse may stunt the growth and development you will need later. Rest your arm.

If you are worried about arm strength - don't be. This will come - and this will come as you grow older and with the development and conditioning of your legs. Taking a break from throwing will give your arm muscles a chance to grow, bones to set and tendons to rest.

Run, run and do more running. Mix it up with long distance, sprints and jump rope. Your legs are a key component for baseball. You just don't use your legs for running around the bases or tracking down balls. Your legs are used to hit (hit with power)...your legs are used to throw (throw for distance and speed)...your legs get your through the spring season.

Run, sprint, jog, jump rope, ladder drills - get your legs in shape over the winter break - you will be surprised at far you will go in the spring with your legs solidly under you.

Along with your legs, your core (abs and back) are critical for baseball - hitting and throwing. Get your abs and back in shape - sit-ups, supermans, bridges, weighted balls, trunk twists. After every running session do some ab and back strengthening drills.

You don't always have to go to the cages to keep your swing in tact. Do some dry cuts - this only takes a small amount of space and while you take dry cuts, you can work your brain with some visualization drills. If you can get to a cage, get some swings in and focus on strong technique, don't worry about power and timing. Get your swing technically correct and when the spring rolls around, you will have your legs and core ready to go to supply the power you need.

Rest the arm, get your legs and core in shape and keep swinging the bat.....have a great winter break and an awesome spring season.