Thursday, October 7, 2010

Divison Series 2010 | Day 1

Rangers Win....No Hitter....Yankee Rally

In opening day of the MLB postseason there was a surprise, a record and team grit. It was an excellent day for baseball and and excellent day for a baseball student.

The Rangers and Rays started the day off, with the Rangers winning 5-1 behind solid pitching and timely hitting. Cliff Lee had 10 strikeouts in seven innings, only giving up one run and got run support with a pair of homers by Cruz & Molina and a pair of RBI doubles by Francoeur and Guerrero.
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The Phillies and Reds continued the day and kept all on the edge of there seats as 'Doc' Halladay throws a no hitter for the Phillies to win 4-0. Halladay only allowed one baserunner when he walked Jay Bruce on a 3-2 count in the fifth inning. Not only did Halladay spot all his pitches and keep the hitters off balance, he threw 25 of 28 first pitch strikes. This is only the second no hitter thrown in post season history.
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The Yankees and Twins closed the night out with a back-n-forth game, with the Yanks rallying and a foul pole scrapping two-run homerun by Teixeira to take and keep the lead and Yanks win 6-4. Sabathia grinded even though he got behind early in the game and the offense supported him, getting four runs in the sixth. He gave up one run in the bottom of the sixth, but later in the game the two-run homer by Teixeira sealed the deal.
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