Sunday, October 10, 2010

Excitement in North Texas - Rangers! Rangers! Rangers!

Rangers Lose 6-3 to Rays | Series now 2-1 Rangers

The Rays had some good pitching from Garza - but the story in yesterday's game was John Jaso's two RBI hit in the eighth inning which gave the Rays their first lead in the series.
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Electric in the Air
What I really wanted to talk about is the excitement in this town for the Rangers. I spend my time in the evenings coaching baseball for individuals, small groups and teams, which allows me the opportunity to talk baseball, mostly Ranger, with kids, parents and other coaches. The Rangers and Rays did not have the best game times at all on Wednesday and Thursday, however there were still quite a lot of folks finding ways to follow (watch live tv, game trackers, radio, internet radio, etc.) the games.

Youth Players in School
Unfortunately games 1 and 2 were played in the middle of the day when most youth Ranger fans were in school. With some youth players - they went to technology to follow the game. Some took a little bit more time at their lockers with their smart phone devices - launching game tracker to follow the Rangers. Some players even had access to live game via the paid version of 'MLB At-Bat'.

What I also heard - which is just great - some teachers put the Rangers game on in their classrooms - so youth fans could watch and be part of the excitement.

Back to Arlington
How much excitement is in the air around North Texas and the Rangers? A record crowd of 51,746 were at Saturday's game, enjoying 80 degree weather and the Ranger's jumping out to a early one run lead in the third inning and held that lead until the sixth. As much as it would have been great to see the Rangers win to move onto the 'championship' series - it is just as great that 'MORE' Rangers fans will get a chance to experience post season atmosphere at 'The Ballpark in Arlington' today.
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