Friday, October 15, 2010

Rangers vs. Yankees | Game 1 ALCS

Claw & Antlers vs. Pinstripe Prestige

The Rangers have reached the ALCS and are looking to getting past the Yankees. Although the Yankees had a better overall season record than the Rangers - - so did the Rays.

Ranger fans are excited and excited to the fact that they may not know how to behave. When the Rays took an early two run lead in the division series games, that crowd went silent. When fans expect to lose, they back down, once something doesn't go their team's way.

The Yankee fans - expect their team to be in a championship series - heck they even expect them to be in the world series - not just this year, but every year. So when the other team gets a two run lead - the Yankee fans know to get louder and show more support.

The game 1 'probable' pitching matchup is CJ Wilson vs. CC Sabathia. CJ Wilson - Cliff Lee's apprentice - has come a long way this season and all the thanks to Cliff Lee's mentoring. We all need somebody to be like to follow and CJ Wilson found that in Lee. CC Sabathia - winning machine - when he toes the rubber, the rest of his teams feels the need to win. Win any way they can - it was extremely evident in the series vs. Twins - as when Sabathia pitched - the Yankees found a way, any way to win.

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